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Nature inspired, this raw stone cuff bracelets features 4 complimentary colored stones and minerals together in one stunning boho chic look. 

Nature inspired handmade jewelry and accessories with a modern edge for the fashion forward woman. 

Although the design may be replicated, each piece is unique to its wearer as Mother Nature rarely duplicates herself. This 18k gold plated brass bracelet features moonstone, blue calcite, turquoise and amethyst that have been adorned with shimmery pyrite that has a magnificent luster somewhere between gold and silver. Each stone is believed to have its own healing properties, making this piece mystical as well. Blue calcite is known to clear negative emotions and encourage physical healing. Moonstone stabilizes emotions by encouraging calmness while raw pyrite inspires creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies. Amethyst has properties is known to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.

The bracelet does have some flexibility in allowing the wearer to adjust the cuff slightly however it is not recommended to over adjust for small wrists as it may compromise the integrity of the piece. 

Please note; Mother nature rarely duplicates herself so the size, and color of the stones may vary slightly from the pictured piece. It is normal for small flecks of pyrite to flake off over time.